Cory Golden, Ylice’s Daughter and Lead Programmer,

Has a very robust skill set in different fields with varying experiences with incredibly technical topics. With so much interest to learn everything, she tries hard to perfect her craft anyway, while still wearing many different hats with some decent real-world success. From artfully crafted websites and web apps, to native video games and programs capable of running on any machine (PC, Mac, or Unix/Linux). She’s played with many different programming languages and frameworks. Even attempted at making her own, for fun. Hiring us for programming guarantees you have an impassioned programmer working for you. Anything technical no doubt goes to her.

Her GitHub, LinkedIn, and Facebook!

Web Programming Clients:

Systems, Frameworks & Engines:


  • C – School, projects
  • C++ – School, projects, open source libraries
  • C# – School, projects, work
  • Obj C – projects
  • D – projects
  • Go – projects
  • PHP – Work, projects
  • Nim – Work, projects, open source libraries
  • Lua – Projects, open source libraries
  • Julia – Projects
  • Python – Work, projects
  • Ruby – Work, projects
  • AngelScript – Projects
  • ECMAScript (JavaScript) – Work, projects
  • TypeScript – Work, projects
  • CoffeeScript – Work, projects
  • BASH – Work, projects, personal automation
  • CMake – Work, projects
  • Unity’s Shader Language – projects
  • GLSL – projects
  • SQL – Work, projects